Gender friendly style - Black & White

Decor and style isn’t just for women, men like it too. I’m often contacted by guys who want to make their space stylish, yet masculine without being harsh or overly feminine. So I’ve decided to create a series of “gender friendly” design sets that both men and women will like.
Up first is this lovely black and white themed living room. Black and white is such a  classic look, that anyone can pull it off. Here are some tips towards creating your gender friendly space:
1. Start with a color that will work well with other colors and serve as your background to build on.
2. Next, understand that opposites attract, if your room is a masculine one (dark floors, dark walls, cement walls) soften it up a bit with vases, mirrors, flowers, & light fixtures.
3. Finally, try mixing and matching textures and patterns. If you have a concrete floor, add a fluffy rug to soften the area. If you have smooth leather chairs, throw a nice pillow on them to add a bit of style to the room.

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