Make it Fab - Bathroom Decor

Let’s talk bathroom decor, shall we?

Many people stop at the fancy shower curtain, matching rugs and other miscellaneous decor accessories. But one thing that always goes over looked is how to display your toiletries and personal care items. Most of us just hide them in the shower or under the bathroom sink. Heck I know many who just leave them out in plain sight *insert eye roll* Well I, Deevah Von-Lace say no more of that, I believe everything should be fabulous. No more leaving that big, bulky eye sore of a mouth wash bottle out. Instead, pour the mouth wash into a new or clean oil decanter, place it on a nice slim charging plate with some mini mouth wash cup and VOILA! You now have instant decor! Somethings so simple can really change the look of your room. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box with your design styles.

Thinking about trying it? Drop me an email with what you come up with for a feature.