Smells Like Autumn - Vol. 2

Welcome back darlings! Last week we brought you an essential oil blend for Pumpkin Spice, and  this week we're back with a new blend to make your home smell like autumn. 

This week's scent is one of our favorites, it's a replica of what Williams-Sonoma smells like! Oh how we love that place, walking in it smells like home. So what better way to bring in fall than with the smell of one of the best stores (next to Target & IKEA) ever. 

Just add the number of drops to your oil diffuser (we use a 200ml diffuser) and ENJOY! Continue to read below on some of the benefits of the essential oils used and where to purchase them.


Warm your home with the delightful scent of Williams-Sonoma.  

Lemon Essential Oil:
Containing the naturally occurring constituent limonene, lemon is a key component in many popular essential oil-infused products. Lemon issued worldwide in cleaners and soaps for its refreshing scent. It also calms the stomach and relieves nausea, improves digestion, nourishes the skin and promotes weight loss.
Rosemary Essential Oil:
Rosemary is a familiar herb with a strong woodsy scent that can promote feelings of clarity. A radical antioxidant considered sacred in ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians societies, Rosemary improves memory, soothes digestion, and aids in muscle aches and pain relief.
Clove Essential Oil:
Clove is an important ingredient used during the Bubonic Plague because it kills parasites, kills mold and fungus, improves blood circulation and is known to eliminate acne. In most counties is still an effective aid for toothaches.
Vanilla Essential Oil:
More known for cooking and perfume use it's actually known to balance hormones, boosts libido, and is known as a cancer treatment because of it's antioxidants and reducing inflammation.
In addition, this combination can be added to Olive, Coconut, or Almond Oil and applied to the skin for burns, scrapes, aches and pains.  OR  Add the oils to vinegar as a disinfectant cleaner for skin and non -reflective surfaces.
A huge thank you to our friends over at:
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  • Ann

    What a great idea! Fall is not as prevalent where I live, compared to other places. I would love to bring it in my home this way. Thanks for sharing!

  • RY

    Thank you so much! Going scent shopping this weekend for different oils! Can’t wait to have my home smelling like autumn! Keep it coming!

  • Cheri

    I love all these blends you’re coming up with!!!

  • Yonna

    OOH! This sounds like one I need to be diffusing RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the ideas!

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