Hello darlings! It’s come to my attention that many of you are avid wine drinkers like myself, how delightful! I personally believe that wine should be its own food group, but it seems that the Department of Agriculture thinks otherwise…foolish government. Now I also see that many of you don’t know where to start with wine drinking and instantly take to *gasp*Moscato. Darlings please, step away from the Moscato and allow me to help refine and bring you up to par with far better selections than that dreadful Moscato. Wine drinking can seem tricky if you are just starting out, but stick with me and I will have you on the right path to drinking and selecting wine like a pro. 

Wine, oh how I love thee. The aroma. The taste. The feeling of pulling the cork out. The buzz…wait disregard that part, I am a woman of class after all.

Wine to me is a great way to bond with friends and family, all while feeling fancy and sophisticated. I do believe that some people make wine seem too difficult to enjoy, but its not. Finding the right wine for you does take a little practice and time, but stick with me and you will be a wine snob in no time.

So I’m frequently asked, “What’s a good wine for a newbie?” First things first….its not Moscato…OK I’m being a total wine snob when it comes to the popularity of Moscato. I believe many gravitate towards Moscato because it is VERY sweet. The main reason for this is, it’s a dessert wine and best served with pastries and fruit. ENOUGH! Back to wine for beginners, several words you will hear a lot with wine are whether its dry, semi dry, or sweet. In simple terms: dry= not sweet, semi dry= kind of sweet, sweet…well…sweet.

OK, so here are my picks for the best wines to try for newbies:

Now darlings, don’t go out and spend a fortune on wine you may not like, visit you local Trader Joe’s and purchase some of these wines for as little as $2.99 per bottle. As you go on and begin to build your pallet you can move up in price and find many great bottles of wine for under $20.  Cheers, darlings!