Drink Sexy Ebook

Drink Sexy Ebook

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Drink Sexy - Low Calorie Cocktails for the Curve Conscious Woman

Be it a great night out with the ladies, or a successful event you host in your home, the cocktails are important. Whether it's the ingredients perfectly blended together, or the appealing display of it, the right cocktail will end up on the highlights of your events reel. 

What may not be on that reel are the long-term effects of these delights to the body, enter Drink Sexy! This collection of drinks is for the curve conscious woman and is desirable to both body and palate! These cocktails are fun, lush, delectable and more holistic. There are even light versions of the classics like the Long Island Ice Tea, the Bloody Mary, and the Margarita.

Whether you're the woman who appreciates your curves, or the lady who loves to keep it tight, this treasure book of cocktails will be sure to add to the spice in any woman's life!

Welcome to life...uncorked!

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